Registration and Breakfast.
UW-Milwaukee Student Union, Fireside Lounge.

Panel 1A: Communities and Kinship in Indigenous America
Location: Lubar S165
Chair, Jennifer Picard, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Alexis Smith, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“A Different Kind of Race: How Native Racial Practice Affected Kinship in the Old Northwest”
Michele Felski-Smith, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Wisconsin’s Cheyenne Valley: An Analysis of the Rise and Fall of a 19th-20th Century Tri-Racial Community”
Linda Bryan, Independent Researcher
“Observations Regarding Ojibwe Mixed-Bloods Encountered While Doing Research on Minnesota and Wisconsin Ojibwe in the Antebellum Period”

Panel 1B
Location: Lubar S171
Film: Control: The Impact of Runaway Prison Expansion on Youth

Panel 2A: Culturally Representing Race
Location: Lubar S165
Chair, Christine Evans, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lucas Wolff, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“A Reply to the Scholarship of Louisa Schein and Va-Megn Thoj Regarding the Relevance of Private Property in Clint Eastwood’s Gran
Torino and the Hmong Hunter Tragedies in Wisconsin”
Julia Gordon-Bramer, Lindenwood University
“Sylvia Plath’s Poetic Reclamation of Civil Rights for African-
Richard Lartz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Kung Fu Cinema and American Society: Generational Traits and Reception of Outsiders”

Panel 2B
Location: Lubar S171
Film: Control: The Impact of Runaway Prison Expansion on Youth

Lunch and Community Panel with Emilio De Torre and Angela Walker
Location: Student Union, Fireside Lounge

Panel 3A: Transnational Movement: Immigrant
Communities, Identities and Economies

Location: Lubar S165
Chair, Kristin M Sziarto, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Charmane Perry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“The Relationship between Race, Labor, and Immigration among Haitians
in the Bahamas”
Hannah Werner, Marquette University
“An Unexpected Journey: Arabs in Cedar Rapids, 1890s-Present”

Panel 3B: Whiteness and the Stakes of Racialized Space
Location: Lubar S171
Chair, John Robert Terry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Joseph Walzer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Imagining a “Real” Milwaukee: Germanness and Racializing the Pabst
Jesse Curtis, Kent State University
“Strategic Resistance: John C. Stennis, Brown v. Board, and the
Battle to Preserve White Supremacy”

Panel 4A: Drawing the Color Line: The State and Race
Location: Lubar S165
Chair, Monique Liston, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Abe Schreier, Ball State University
“The Origins of Binary Racism and Slavery in Virginia”
William I. Tchakirides, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“A Conflicted Reality: Liberal Integrationists and the Criminalization of Urban Space in Milwaukee”
Katie Witz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Not So Docile After All: How Native American Girls and Women
Challenged the Indian Boarding School System 1879-1934 with
Everyday Acts of Resistance”

Panel 4B: Race, Education, and Latino Identities
Location: Lubar S171
Chair, Daniel McClure, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Louis Mercer, University of Illinois-Chicago
“A Necessary Safeguard: The Latino Strategy to Create and
Expand Bilingual Bicultural Education in Milwaukee, 1969-1979”
Michael Staudenmaier, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“‘Mostly of Spanish Extraction’: Migration, Citizenship, and Racial
Formation in Puerto Rican Chicago”
Michael Gonzales, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“‘Latin Power to Latin People!’: Latino Unity and the Young Lords
Organization of Chicago”

Closing Remarks
Location: Student Union, Fireside Lounge